Asian Youth Girls' Championships - Match 1

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Asian Youth Girls' Championships - Match 1

March 09, 2017, 09:30 AM AEST








7 March, 2017

Australia v Thailand

Australia defeated by Thailand, 0-3, 14:25, 20:25, 11:25

1st Set
Dunning, Coleman, Iles, Schoof, Smith, Tipping, Petry (L)
The opening point: perfect pass by Coleman, set outside by  Dunning, cross court kill by Schoof
A back door kill by Smith locked the scores at 2:2.  An exciting game at 3:3.  Unfortunately a series of errors by the Australians and good play by the Thai team resulted in 9 unanswered points to Thailand.  Tipping on a quick attack killed the ball back to position one to stop the Thai run. At 8:18, Iles and Smith combined for a stuff block.  10:20 Coleman made 2 defensive digs in 6 setting up a kill for Schoof.
Serving Efficiency: 0.464
Spike Efficiency: 26.3KE%
Passing Average: 1.71

Tipping 67% hitting efficiency with 4 kills, 1 error from 8 attempts
Petry with passing 2.07 average

2nd Set
Dunning, Coleman, Iles, Schoof, Smith, Tipping, Adam (L)
Australia started the 2nd set confidently, getting out to a 2:0 lead. Coleman with a cross court kill off hands and a strong block by Iles and Coleman.  Again Australian errors and good Thai play allowed Thailand to score 10 of the next 11 points and gaining a handy lead 10-3.  Block by Tipping, combined block of Tipping and Smith and tough serving by Iles steadied the Australians with the score back to 6:10. Karrasch serving, Iles block had the Australians close at 15:17. Iles serving, had Tipping with the block of the game - 18:22.  At 20:23 Australia in a huge rally with 2 defensive digs, by Petry and Coleman, a roll shot by Smith, a sneaky set over by Molloy ending with Thailand hitting out.  Thailand closed out the set 25:20
Serving Efficiency: 0.440
Passing Average: 1.67

Molloy - 1 Ace
Iles 50KE% hitting efficiency
Petry with passing 2.0 average
Tipping - 2 solo blocks

3rd Set
Molloy, Smith, Tipping, Karrasch, Coleman, Iles, Libero-Petry.
Third set was exciting at 2:2, but then Thailand got away with 7 unanswered points. Iles stopped the run blocking a pipe attack. At 4:12 a pass by Smith set up a C quick kill by Iles.  7:20 two defensive digs by Petry in 5, set up a tip kill by Tipping.  8:23 a 3 pass by Coleman set up Iles on a quick ball.  The Aussies rallied hard but were unable to recoup the big run of points early in the set.  Thailand took out the set 11:25.

Serving Efficiency: 37.5KE%
Passing Average: 1.91

Iles 37.5KE% hitting efficiency with 4 kills, 1 error from 8 attempts
Petry passing at 2.07 average.

Team - Match:
Serving Efficiency: 0.321
Spike Efficiency: 18.2KE%
Passing Average: 1.77

Aimee Coleman: 1 kill, 4 digs
Arden Iles: 4 kills, 2 blocks
Hannah Karrasch: 1 Block
Alex Molloy: 1 Ace, 1 Block
Denzi Petry: 1 Dig
Anneliese Schoof: 2 kills, 1 block, 1 dig
Tiaan Smith: 5 kills, 2 blocks, 1 dig
Caitlin Tipping: 3 kills, 2 blocks

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