Asian Youth Girls' Championships - Match 3

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Asian Youth Girls' Championships - Match 3

March 14, 2017, 03:02 PM AEST








11th Asian Girls’ U18 Volleyball Championship
Chongqing, China

9 March, 2017

Australia defeated by Hong Kong 1-3, 25:14, 21:25, 18:25, 24:26

1st Set
Dunning, Coleman, Iles, Schoof, Smith, Tipping, Adam (L)

Australia execute game plan and take out the first set convincingly. 25-15
0-1, Dunning serves long. Smith diving pass, Coleman finishes for kill. 1-2 pass by Petry, kill by Smith cross court.  Great service pressure by Iles, Smith kill from 2 cross court. Hong Kong hitting around the block for easy points, Australia make unforced errors.  Schoof with great serve, balls comes of Hong Kong for easy point.  Schoof service error. 6:6 sharp cross court kill Smith. 8:7, quick combo Dunning & Tipping. 10:7 Pass by Smith, Kill by Coleman. Dunning has a great service run which Hong Kong unable to return.  Iles on a great service run, Tipping killing the overpasses.

Serving: 0.521
Spiking: 10 kills, 6 errors
Passing Average: 2.08

Smith 5 kills, Coleman 3 kills
Passing: Petry 2.4, Coleman 2.33

2nd Set
Tipping, Dunning, Coleman, Iles, Schoof, Smith  Smith, Petry (L)

Coleman starts the set with 2 kills. 3:4 line kill by Smith.  HK run offence through middle and Australia has no answer.  7:12 Karrasch kill.  8:13 Karrasch hit, Petry dig, Dunning wins point with a tip.  Schoof with a service run to get Australia back in the match.  Hong Kong close out the set 25-21

Serving Efficiency: 0.631
Spiking: 11 kills, 8 errors
Passing Average: 1.92

Dunning - 2 Aces
Coleman 3 kills, Schoof 3 kills, Dunning 2 kills

3rd Set
Dunning, Coleman, Tipping, Schoof, Smith, Iles, Adam (L)

Serving Efficiency: 0.513
Spiking: 10 kills, 4 errors
Passing Average: 1.91

Coleman 4 kills, Iles 2 kills, Karrasch 2 kills

4th Set
Schoof, Smith, Tipping, Dunning, Coleman, Iles, Petry (L)

Slow start for the Australian’s.  0:4 Petry on the defensive dig, overpasses for a kill in the middle of HK’s court.  At 1:5, Smith bumpsets  ball to Coleman who rolls ball for the point. Iles and Coleman combine for block left side.  Schoof with a kill gets Australia scoring again. At 4:9 a drop serve by Coleman and solo block by Schoof on the left side keeps Australia in touch. A combination play of Schoof hit, Iles pick up and Schoof with the cross court kill get the scores to 6:9.  Iles blocking a pipe ball, then Tipping with a solo block keep the scores close at 8:10.   Pick up by Coleman and kill by Schoof keeping Australia close.  Tipping serve finished of by Karrasch block. Molloy pick up and Karrasch kill get the scores level at 14.  Pass hitters combine with Smith passing, Karrasch setting and Coleman killing the ball.  HK skip 3 points ahead at 18:22 when Iles serves, Tipping blocks ball into play then kill blocks the HK second attack. Tipping blocks the next attack. Iles still serving, forcing a HK shank - scores are now 21-22. Smith stepping up as Captain kills ball cross court, kills ball in the next rally. Smith with the serve, the defensive dig for a Coleman kill levels the 4th set at 24:24.  HK time out.  Smith on the order for a short serve, drops ball just short of the target, giving HK the serve at 24:25.  Petry shanks the HK serve and HK close out the set and game 26:24

Serving Efficiency: 0.385
Spiking: 11 kills, 4 errors
Passing Average: 1.59

Schoof 4 kills, Smith 3 kills, Coleman 3 kills

Team - Match:
Serving Efficiency: 0.509
Spiking: 42 Kills, 22 errors
Passing Average: 1.85

Lara Adam: 1 digs
Aimee Coleman: 13 kills, 3 digs, 1 Ace
Julia Dunning: 2 kills, 2 aces, 1 dig
Arden Iles: 2 kills, 1 Ace, 4 blocks
Hannah Karrasch: 4 Kills, 1 block
Anneliese Schoof: 9 kills, 5 aces, 1 block
Tiaan Smith: 9 kills, 1 block, 3 digs
Caitlin Tipping: 3 kills, 3 blocks

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