Asian Youth Girls' Championships - Match 6

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Asian Youth Girls' Championships - Match 6

March 14, 2017, 04:36 PM AEST








11th Asian Girls’ U18 Volleyball Championship
Chongqing, China

13 March, 2017

Australia defeated  New Zealand 3:0, 25:20, 25:19, 25:18

1st Set
Dunning, Coleman, Iles, Karrasch, Smith, Tipping. Libero-Adam

A very nervous start by both teams saw many service errors.  Karrasch started the game with a Kill, Aussies with a Service error.  Dunning and Iles combine for a ‘C’ winner. Smith rolls the ball to middle of the court for an easy point, Aussies down 4:5.  A New Zealand (NZ) service error following by a Tipping Ace have scores level at 6:6  Teams are now fighting long rallies, NZ win pt 6:7. Petry with an overpass kill levels scores 7:7. Coleman hits off hands. Dunning pressure serves cause NZ to hit out.  Dunning hits the service targets who shanks. Karrasch with a kill left side. Coleman chips in to terminate rally with a hit off hands.  Dunning with another Ace.  NZ time out with the score at 12:7 to the Aussies.  Dunning serves out, Petry with an overpass sets up easy NZ kill.  Coleman roles ball to middle to stop Kiwi’s run.  12:9.  Coleman serving at NZ libero, NZ hits into the net.  NZ reply with a cross court kill.  Dunning and Iles running a metre ball in the middle side out for Aus 15:10. NZ roll for the kill.  Tipping with a solo block has Australia at 16:12 leading into the second technical time out.Karrasch with a targeted serve, comes onto court, dives to reach a tip, Aussies can’t control the ball.  Coleman with another backcourt roll shot for a point. Aussies with service error, NZ with an Ace.  Aussies scramble and NZ touch the net. Scorers miss an Aussie point!!! NZ time out at 19:15 - score shown in 18-15.  Tipping Ace, Tipping targeted serve, pressures NZ to hit out, Tipping hits target again 21:15. NZ sub 8 on, 4 off.  NZ outreach the Aussies at the net for point.  Iles Block, NZ hit out. Strong serving by Aussies has NZ back court player hit into the net.  Aussie service error. NZ block ball into antennae - Aussies should have won the set. 25:18. NZ hit through the block, then shut out tight ball outside. 24:20.  NZ hit out 25:20

Serving Efficiency: .519
Spiking:  10 kills,  5 errors
Passing Average: 1.88

Smith: 1 kill, passing at 2.00
Coleman: 3 kills, passing at 2.33
Tipping: 4 Aces
Karrasch: 3 Kills
Iles: 2 Kills

2nd Set
Dunning, Coleman, Iles, Karrasch, Smith, Tipping. Libero-Petry

Tight set to right side, Karrasch tries to wipe off hands, but hits the net. Karrasch tries to hit through big Kiwi block unsuccessfully. NZ with a service error.  Dunning / Iles combine for a “B” kill. Smith playing smart, rolls ball off block into the middle of court.  Dunning setting smart, NZ errors with back court hit.  Tipping in the net, Karrasch with defensive up but Aussies unable to convert. 4:7  Coleman with a tip winner. Aussies with the double sub, Molloy and Schoof on, Dunning and Karrasch off.  NZ lead into the first Technical Time Out (TTO).  NZ with the serve error. Aussies hesitation in back court give NZ an easy point.  Aussies putting up good blocks cause NZ to hit out.  Aussies call 1st time out 8:12.  NZ serve error - Boris’ point.  NZ overpass and Smith kills it. Aussies are coming back 11:13. Coleman diving in desperation but Aussies unable to control the ball.  Molloy and Tipping combine for a quick through the middle 13:15.  Molloy’s serve hits the tape and rolls over the net for Ace.  NZ double sub and lead into the 2nd TTO 14:16.  Schoof with a solo block.  Molloy/Tipping with another middle kill.  Schoof hits off hand, Australia hits the lead 17:16.  Aussies service error, NZ reciprocate with serve error.  Tipping having her serving game of the tournament, pressures the NZ team.  NZ call a time out 19:17.  Tipping with another Ace.  Molloy with a defensive up, Schoof steps in to set, Coleman on the approach left side, hears the Strong call of ‘line’ from the players ‘pig pen’. Coleman turns the ball down the line for a winner.  Tipping follows up with another Ace.  Lies hits a cross court winner 23:17. NZ time out.  NZ kill through the middle, Molloy unable to control dig.  Aussies with a combo play, Molloy sets Schoof with no block through the middle. 24:18. NZ with hit off hands not giving in.  Aussies close out the set 25:19

Tipping: 1 Ace
Smith: 3 Kills, passing at 2.33
Coleman: 1 Kill, passing at 2.12

Serving Efficiency: 0.604
Spiking: 9 kills, 4 errors
Passing Average: 1.873

3rd Set
Duning, Coleman, Iles, Karrasch, Smith, Tipping. Libero-Adam.

NZ start the set with a kill through the middle.  Karrasch replies drilling the ball mid court.  NZ setter sets ball over. Aussies with setting error.  NZ net touch. Smith with a cross court smash has NZ passing wide.  NZ sub in back court setter.  Smith rolls ball to deep 1 for winner.  Aussies making unforced errors, NZ up 4:8 at the first TTO.  Smith hits ball off hands.  Tipping with great block cover, keeps the ball alive, and NZ hit wide.  Smith chips in with a service Ace.  Coleman hits off hands and ties the game at 8:8.  NZ Time out.  Aussies run a slide, NZ hit wide.  NZ with a soft hit off block level the score at 9:9.  Dunning chases down a shanked ball, Coleman creams the bump set cross court.  Tipping back with another Ace. Both teams error.  Iles running hard in the middle, splits the blockers, Coleman hits cross court, Karrasch finishes point with a kill.  Dunning with an Ace 14:10.  Dunning with great service pressure, allows Coleman at the net to stop NZ reach 15:11. Both teams service error.  Iles mistimes block and drags ball onto Aussies side.  Smith creams ball down the line, but it lands just wide.  Aussies TO at 16:15.  Dunning splits the blockers, Karrasch finishes the point creaming ball mid court.  Iles with a tough serve, Karrasch with the block to win the point.  Iles Ace.  NZ TO 19:15.  NZ error. Australia with the double sub: Molloy/Schoof on, Dunning/Karrasch off.  Molloy Ace.  Coleman backcourt winner 22:16.  Molloy Ace. NZ error into net.  NZ stuff block middle attack.  Aussies error 24:18.  Aussies close out the set and game 25:18

Coleman: 3 kills
Karrasch: 1 Ace, 1 kill, 1 Block
Smith: 2 kills, passing at 2.0
Tipping 1 Solo Block

Serving Efficiency: 0.670
Spiking:  6 kills, 7 errors
Passing Average: 2.13

Team - Match:
Serving Efficiency: 0.597
Spiking: 25 kills, 16 errors
Passing Average: 1.91

Lara Adam: 1 Dig
Aimee Coleman: 6 Kills
Julia Dunning: 2 Aces
Arden Iles: 4 Kills, 1 Ace
Hannah Karrasch: 5 kills, 1 Block, 1 Dig
Alex Molloy: 3 Aces
Denzi Petry:1 Kill, 2 Digs
Anneliese Schoof: 1 Kill, 1 Bloc5
Tiaan Smith: 6 Kills, 1 Block, 1 Ace
Caitlin Tipping: 3 Kills, 7 Aces,1 Block, 1 Dig

Australia finished 7th in the 11th Asian Girls’ Under 18 Championships

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