Asian Youth Men's Champs 2017 - Aus Game 2

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Asian Youth Men's Champs 2017 - Aus Game 2

April 04, 2017, 11:23 AM AEST

Match 2 - Australia versus Myanmar

11th Asian Boys U19 Volleyball Championship – Myanmar 2017

AUS def by MYA 1:3 23-25, 25-23, 16-25, 22-25

Today the 99-00 AUS Youth team played their second match of the Asian U19 Championships. They played a very spirited MYA team who played well in front of their inspiring home crowd.

Set 1
Starters (and points scored): Dagg(3), Nix(1), Fathers(4), Clayton(4), Heptinstall(2), Takken(3), Fountotos(Libero). Substitutes (and points scored):
The match started with intense noise in the stadium as the home crowd cheered, played drums and blew trumpets. However, this did not worry the young AUS team as they went point for point 5:5. During this time, Clayton scored a block and attack kill, and Heptinstall had an attack kill of his own. AUS then created a mini break through a block and attack kill to Dagg, and a service ace to Takken 8:5. An attack kill to Takken kept the sideouts flowing; however, AUS had to call a timeout at 10:11 as the MYA team served well to pressure the AUS team. This serving run continued to 10:13, then Takken attack killed to get the much needed sideout. Two attack kills to Clayton, and another to Fathers and Dagg each, saw the scores locked again at 15:15. However, once again the MYA team created a mini break of their own as AUS struggled to find points 15:19. An attack kill to Nix gave AUS the sideout and attack kills to both Heptinstall and Fathers pressured MYA to call their first timeout for the match 19:19. MYA responded well after their timeout and secured a sideout. Fathers scored two attack kills; however, AUS made their second timeout at 21:23. They then saw the scores locked again at 23:23 after two errors by the MYA team. MYA then called their second timeout at this point of the game and pressured the AUS team into two errors to give MYA the first set 23:25.

Set 2
Starters (and points scored): Nix(0), Fathers(0), Clayton(2), Takken(4), Heptinstall(6), Dagg(3), Fountotos(Libero). Substitutes (and points scored): Sting(1)
The second set started with attack kills to Takken and Heptinstall; however, MYA raced to an early lead 3:7 after AUS errors became abundant. AUS then slowly chipped away at MYA’s early lead through attack kills to Heptinstall, Sting and Takken, and a block kill to Dagg 9:9. Takken then added another attack kill to his tally and Heptinstall followed suit with a block kill of his own 11:12. MYA then stepped up their attack and powered towards the technical timeout 11:16. AUS responded well after the short break and forced MYA into error and saw Clayton score an attack kill to tighten the scores 17:19. Even with a run of points from Takken, Dagg and Clayton, AUS called their first timeout at 20:22. A block and attack
kill to Heptinstall turned the game upside down and MYA called their first timeout at 23:22.
However, an attack kill to Dagg and another block kill to Heptinstall stole the set 25:23.

Set 3
Starters (and points scored): Dagg(0), Nix(2), Sting(2), Clayton(1), Takken(0), Heptinstall(2),
Fountotos(Libero). Substitutes (and points scored): Mark-Seymour(1), McBean(0),
Set three started poorly for AUS as their discipline in attack waivered 1:5. An attack kill to
Sting gave the sideout AUS was looking for as they tried to pull back MYA’s early lead.
Attack kills to both Heptinstall, Clayton and Sting, and some errors by MYA, helped AUS
close even the score 11:11. However, MYA’s float serve stunned AUS as they forced the
first timeout for the set 11:14. This run of points continued for MYA until the second technical
timeout. A Heptinstall attack kill stemmed the flow of points momentarily as MYA gained
points through AUS’s lack of discipline in attack. AUS were then forced to call their second
timeout at 13:21. Two attack kills to Nix and another to Mark-Seymour were the only
highlights at the back end of the set as MYA ran away with it 16:25.

Set 4
Starters (and points scored): Nix(2), Mark-Seymour(3), Clayton(2), Takken(5), Heptinstall(2),
Dagg(2), Fountotos(Libero). Substitutes (and points scored): Sting(1), Lyndon(0), McBean(0)
This set did not start confidently for AUS as service errors plagued the young team. Attack
kills to Clayton, Heptinstall and Takken kept AUS in touch; however, MYA raced to an early
lead 5:9. Nix gained a sideout for AUS through an attack kill, though AUS were soon calling
their first timeout for the set at 7:11. Attack kills through Heptinstall, Sting, Clayton and
Dagg, a service ace to Nix, and two consecutive kill blocks Takken helped AUS get within
range by the second technical timeout 13:16. However, MYA increased their efficiency in
attack and forced AUS into calling their second timeout for the set at 14:20. MYA continued
to score points freely as AUS tried to disrupt the flow through substitutions 14:23. AUS then
created a sideout through an attack kill to Takken. At this point, the match came alive, as
Mark-Seymour scored two attack kills in a row to force MYA to call their first timeout at
17:23. After the MYA timeout, Takken served an ace and MYA had two attack errors. This
then forced MYA to call their final timeout at 20:23. After this MYA timeout, Mark-Seymour
and Dagg scored an attack kill each and the scores were 22:23….what an amazing
comeback from the young AUS team!! However, with the game in balance, AUS were
unfortunate as their final two attacks were declared “untouched”, and MYA came away with
the set and the match 22:25.
AUS were disappointed with their loss; however, excited by making it through to the top 8 of
the competition. Tomorrow team AUS have a rest day and will visit some Myanmar
landmarks followed by training in the evening. They will also plan for their upcoming
matches against Japan and Thailand as they strive to make the finals.

Game Statistics
Attack (Team): 22.5% KE, 21.5% Error
Attack (Players): Heptinstall 9 Kills 19% KE, Clayton 7 Kills 46% KE, Dagg 5 Kills 50% KE
Serve (Team): 5 Aces, 14 Errors, 39% Efficiency
Serve (Players): Takken 2 Aces, Sting, Nix, Clayton 1 Ace
Reception (Team): 24% Perfect, 45% Positive
Reception (Players): Fountotos 18 passes 44% Perfect, 72% Positive, Heptinstall 8 passes
38% Perfect, 50% Positive
Block (Team): 9 Kill Blocks
Block (Players): Dagg 4 Kill Blocks, Heptinstall & Clayton 2 Kill Blocks

Click here to see the full match report

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