Asian Youth Men's Champs 2017 - Aus Game 3

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Asian Youth Men's Champs 2017 - Aus Game 3

April 04, 2017, 11:27 AM AEST

Match 3 - Australia versus Japan

11th Asian Boys U19 Volleyball Championship – Myanmar 2017
AUS def by JPN 0:3 15-25, 13-25, 10-25

Today the 99-00 AUS Youth team played their third match of the Asian U19 Championships. They played against a very strong and professional JPN team who out classed the young AUS team.

Set 1
Starters (and points scored): Fathers(0), Dagg(0), Nix(0), Takken(2), Clayton(2), Heptinstall(4), Fountotos(Libero). Substitutes (and points scored): Sting(0), Hill(0)
This set started well for AUS as they went point for point with their quality opponent 5:5. Attack kills to Takken, Heptinstall and Clayton contributed to the AUS score early. However, JPN started to show their hunger for points and created a lead into the first technical timeout 5:8. A service error to JPN and a Heptinstall block kill momentarily slowed the run of points, though JPN soon increased their lead 7:13. Heptinstall with two consecutive attack kills created opportunities for AUS; however, JPN lead into the second technical timeout 10:16. After this JPN extended their lead and forced AUS to call their first timeout for the set 11:18. Takken and Clayton added valuable points to the AUS tally with attack kills. However, the AUS team soon called their second timeout at 15:23 as they tried to slow the JPN team’s momentum. This was had no affect and JPN took the set 15:25.

Set 2
Starters (and points scored): Takken(0), Mark-Seymour(0), Hill(1), Nix(3), Heptinstall(1), Clayton(1), Fountotos(Libero). Substitutes (and points scored): Sting(0)
The second set started with AUS finding it difficult to group points as JPN controlled the sideouts and raced to the first technical timeout 5:8. Nix scored two attack kills, and Heptinstall and Clayton scored one each of their own during this early period; however, AUS needed to call their first timeout at 5:10. A huge block kill to Hill and an attack kill to Nix slowed the run of points from JPN, though by the second technical timeout JPN had increased their lead 7:16. At this stage, AUS was struggling to earn any of their points and called their second timeout at 11:20. JPN were then clinical and finished off the set 13:25.

Set 3
Starters (and points scored): Nix(0), Fathers(0), McBean(3), Heptinstall(2), Takken(1), Dagg(1), Fountotos(Libero). Substitutes (and points scored): Sting(0), Lyndon(0), Mark-Seymour(0)
The third set did not start well for the AUS team and therefore they called an early timeout at 2:5 that successfully stopped the JPN run of points. Heptinstall, McBean, Takken and Dagg all scored attack kills to force sideouts; however, JPN were first to the lead at the technical timeout 4:8. This run of points for JPN continued until McBean scored consecutive kill blocks 7:10. However, JPN soon sidedout with an attack kill, and extended their lead on their way to the second technical timeout 7:16. When the score got to 7:18, AUS called their second timeout to try and rally the troops to fight on, though the only highlight late in the set was a block kill to Heptinstall. JPN then continued to give the young AUS team a lesson in error free volleyball as they raced to finish the match 10:25.
AUS are now reflecting on their loss today and focussing on their next game against a talented Thailand team who they played against recently on their way to Myanmar. Hopefully, we will see a much more passionate and spirited AUS team tomorrow.

Game Statistics
Attack (Team): 4% KE 25% Error
Attack (Players): Heptinstall 6 Kills 22% KE, Clayton 3 Kills 75% KE, Nix 3 Kills 40% KE
Serve (Team): 0 Aces, 6 Errors, 30% Efficiency
Serve (Players): NA
Reception (Team): 20% Perfect, 45% Positive
Reception (Players): Takken 60% Perfect 50% Positive, Sting 20% Perfect 60% Positive
Block (Team): 5 Kill Blocks
Block (Players): Heptinstall & McBean 2 Kill Blocks

Click here to see the full match report

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