Asian Youth Men's Champs 2017 - Aus Game 6

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Asian Youth Men's Champs 2017 - Aus Game 6

April 04, 2017, 11:33 AM AEST

Match 6 - Australia versus Chinese Taipei

11th Asian Boys U19 Volleyball Championship – Myanmar 2017

AUS def by TPE 1:3 19-25, 15-25, 25-19, 21-25

Today the 99-00 AUS Youth team played their sixth match of the Asian U19 Championships. AUS were challenged by a talented TPE team, who played a quality game, with many combination plays. AUS were not as clinical during this match as they had been in their previous two games.

Set 1
Starters (and points scored): Hill(1), Nix(2), Fathers(3), Clayton(2), Heptinstall(6), Takken(3), Fountotos(Libero). Substitutes (and points scored): Sting(0), Dagg(0)
After an attack kill to Clayton won the first point of the game, AUS looked nervous and were forced to call an early timeout at 1:5 as TPE set the tempo early. AUS fought back well and lead at the first technical timeout 8:7. Block kills to Clayton and Hill, Heptinstall with a service ace and two attack kills, and an attack kill to Nix helped the AUS fightback during this period. Another attack kill to Nix and Takken each, and a block kill to Fathers, saw TPE call their first timeout for the match at 11:9. An attack kill and service ace to Fathers and an attack kill helped the AUS score; however, TPE lead at the second technical timeout 15:16. Both teams then traded sideouts as the score got to 19:19. During this time Takken scored two attack kills and Heptinstall scored one and a service ace. Then AUS lost their focus and was dominated by the TPE attack, and AUS error count, to see their second timeout called at 19:23. TPE soon finished the set 19:25 when play resumed.

Set 2

Starters (and points scored): Nix(2), Fathers(5), Clayton(0), Takken(2), Heptinstall(1), McBean(1), Fountotos(Libero). Substitutes (and points scored): Sting(0), Dagg(0), Lyndon(0), Mark-Seymour(0)
The second set started well for AUS as they went point for point with the TPE and lead at the first technical 8:7. Two attack kills to Fathers and one each to Takken and Nix, a block kill to McBean, helped the AUS scoreboard in this early part of the set. AUS then had to call their first timeout for the set at 10:12 as TPE started to earn points. Fathers had scored three attack kills, and Takken one also, during this time. However, AUS were only managing to win the sideout whilst TPE were doubling each AUS point scored. This continued until the second technical timeout where TPE lead 12:16. Heptinstall, Nix and Fathers added attack kills to the AUS score during the remainder of the set, but were error ridden during this time. Even after a timeout to AUS to gather themselves and slow the TPE momentum, TPE ran away with the set 15:25.

Set 3
Starters (and points scored): McBean(2), Nix(0), Takken(4), Dagg(3), Heptinstall(4), Fathers(1), Fountotos(Libero). Substitutes (and points scored):
The third set started well for the AUS team as Heptinstall scored an attack kill and TPE looked shaky as they hit four attack errors and called a timeout 5:1. A block kill to Dagg and an attack kill each to McBean and Heptinstall, saw AUS lead at the first technical timeout 8:5. Takken with a block kill and another TPE attack error saw TPE call their second timeout for the set 10:6. After attack kills to Takken and Dagg, and a block kill to Fathers, saw AUS leading at second technical timeout 16:13. They returned to the court and Heptinstall served an ace and pressured the TPE team into another attack error 18:13. TPE then got the sideout they were searching for, however; AUS were relentless in their attack as the score reached 22:15. Attack kills to Heptinstall and McBean, and a block and attack kill to Takken, helped AUS reach this score. A mini fightback by the TPE team forced AUS to call a timeout at 24:19; however, an attack kill to Dagg closed the set for the AUS team 25:19.

Set 4
Starters (and points scored): Nix(1), Takken(3), Dagg(3), Heptinstall(4), Fathers(5), McBean(0), Fountotos(Libero). Substitutes (and points scored): Clayton(0)
The fourth set started well again for team AUS as TPE called their first timeout early 5:2. This lead to AUS was established early through attack kills to Heptinstall, Takken and Fathers, and a service ace to Dagg. Another attack kill and service ace to Fathers saw AUS lead at the first technical timeout 8:6. An attack kill to both Nix and Dagg saw AUS maintain their lead 10:8. However, after a quick sideout, TPE saw the young AUS team lose their discipline in attack and make several errors. Therefore, AUS called a timeout at 10:12 to stop the dominant display from TPE. AUS then struggled to control the TPE as they lead into the second technical timeout ahead 13:16. During this period, AUS managed to still score points through attack kills by Fathers, Takken and Heptinstall; however, they needed to call their second timeout for the set at 14:19 as TPE’s attack was relentless. With an attack kill to Takken, and block kills to Dagg and Heptinstall, AUS produced a mini comeback and force TPE to call their second timeout at 17:20. After a couple of errors from the TPE attack, and an attack kill to Heptinstall, TPE felt the pressure from AUS as they closed the gap 21:22. However, TPE received a sideout through an AUS error, which was immediately followed by another AUS error to give TPE match point 21:24. TPE then finished the match with a block kill 21:25.

AUS will now play their final game of the Asian U19 Championships at 10am (13:30 AEST) against the home country, Myanmar. The match should have an amazing atmosphere as the AUS team play-off for 7th place. A big thankyou to all of our supporters…and good luck “Team AUS”.

Game Statistics
Attack (Team): 28% KE 14% Error
Attack (Players): Heptinstall 15 Kills 25% KE, Takken 10 Kills 31% KE, Fathers 9 Kills 15% KE, Nix 5 Kills 62% KE, Dagg 3 Kills 33% KE, McBean 2 Kills 50% KE
Serve (Team): 6 Aces, 14 Errors, 45% Efficiency
Serve (Players): Heptinstall 3 Aces, Fathers 2 Aces
Reception (Team): 20% Perfect, 42% Positive
Reception (Players): Fathers 33% Perfect 50% Positive, Takken 23% Perfect 46% Positive
Block (Team): 10 Kill Blocks
Block (Players): Takken 3 Kill Blocks, Dagg, Fathers 2 Kill Blocks, McBean, Clayton, Heptinstall 1 Kill Block

Click here to see full Match Report

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