Asian Boys U19 Volleyball Championship Match 7

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Asian Boys U19 Volleyball Championship Match 7

April 10, 2017, 11:48 AM AEST








Match 7 - Australia versus Myanmar (7th/8th Final)

11th Asian Boys U19 Volleyball Championship Myanmar 2017

AUS def MYA 3:0 25-14, 25-23, 25-19

Today the 99-00 AUS Youth team played their seventh and final match of the Asian U19 Championships for 7th place against the home team MYA. After losing to MYA in the initial rounds, AUS were keen to right their wrongs and come away with the win.

Set 1
Starters (and points scored): Dagg(2), Nix(4), Takken(2), Clayton(2), Heptinstall(4), Fathers(5), Fountotos(Libero). Substitutes (and points scored): Lyndon(0), Mark-Seymour(0)
This set started with AUS racing away to the first technical timeout 8:4 ahead. A block kill to Nix and attack kills to Heptinstall (x2), Fathers and Dagg, and a service ace to Takken, helped AUS reach this score. MYA were the forced to call their first timeout at 13:7 as a service ace to Heptinstall, and attack kills to Fathers (x2) and Nix, pressured the MYA team. Attack kills to Clayton, Takken and Fathers saw AUS lead at the second technical timeout 16:9. Further attack kills to Heptinstall, Dagg and Nix, saw MYA call their second timeout for the set at 19:11. However, AUS were playing dominant volleyball by this stage of the set and with attack kills to Fathers and Nix, and a block kill to Clayton, AUS finished the set 25:14.

Set 2

Starters (and points scored): Nix(2), Takken(4), Clayton(3), Heptinstall(5), Fathers(4), McBean(1), Fountotos(Libero). Substitutes (and points scored): Lyndon(0)
The second set started differently for the young AUS team as errors crept into their game and MYA lead at the first technical timeout 4:8. The only highlights during this part of the set were attack kills to Clayton and Heptinstall. However, after the technical timeout, AUS started to chip away at the MYA lead and by the second technical timeout AUS were just one point away 15:16. Attack kills to Fathers, Takken (x3), Nix, Heptinstall (x3), Clayton, McBean all contributed to the AUS fightback. MYA were then forced to call their first timeout for the set at 20:19 as AUS hit the lead for the first time. Errors by MYA and attack kills to Takken and Fathers helped AUS take the lead. MYA then had to call their second timeout at 22:20 as Clayton and Heptinstall added attack kills to the AUS score. However, MYA were not finished just yet, as AUS called their first timeout at 22:22. Though, after the timeout by AUS, Fathers scored two attack kills and Nix with a block kill to finish the set 25:22.

Set 3
Starters (and points scored): Lyndon(0), Fathers(3), Dagg(1), Nix(2), Sting(1), Hill(6), Fountotos(Libero). Substitutes (and points scored): Takken(1), Heptinstall(2)
This set started with a new starting rotation; however, MYA once again dominated as AUS accumulated errors and then could not control the MYA attack. MYA hence lead at the first technical timeout 4:8, whilst the highlights for AUS were an attack kill to Sting and a block kill to Dagg. At 5:10, AUS called their first timeout, rallied the troops and reminded them of what the goal was for today. AUS had been in this position many times before and patiently fought their way and pressured MYA to call their first timeout at 9:12. This initial pressure can be accredited to Hill, with two attack kills and a block kill. By the second technical timeout AUS were in the lead once again 16:14. Attack kills to Nix, Fathers and Heptinstall, and block kills to Fathers and Nix, and a service ace to Fathers, helped AUS win back the lead by this stage. At 20:16, MYA called their second timeout for the set as AUS extended their lead through attack kills to Takken and Heptinstall. After this timeout, Hill scored an attack and block kill to see the lead increase to 24:19, and then he finished the set for AUS with another attack kill 25:19.
With this win, AUS has now finished in 7th place for the tournament. This is a good achievement for team AUS as they reflect on the work they have done and the environment they prepare in compared to the top 6 teams. Well done team AUS and many thanks to the supporters who cheered the team on here and abroad.

Game Statistics
Attack (Team): 33% KE 17% Error
Attack (Players): Fathers 10 Kills 42% KE, Heptinstall 9 Kills 20% KE, Takken 6 Kills 31% KE, Hill 4 Kills 100% KE, Nix 4 Kills 18% KE, Clayton 4 Kills 80% KE
Serve (Team): 3 Aces, 10 Errors, 55% Efficiency
Serve (Players): Heptinstall, Fathers, Takken 1 Ace
Reception (Team): 20% Perfect, 55% Positive
Reception (Players): Fountotos 33% Perfect 67% Positive, Takken 19% Perfect 62% Positive, Fathers 19% Perfect 52% Positive
Block (Team): 8 Kill Blocks
Block (Players): Nix 4 Kill Blocks, Hill 2 Kill Blocks, Fathers, Clayton 1 Kill Block

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