Celebrating Women in Sport

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Celebrating Women in Sport

April 26, 2017, 11:07 AM AEST

On Friday, April 21, Volleyball Victoria was invited to the promotion and celebration of women’s sport at a reception hosted by the Hon Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria, and Mr Anthony Howard QC, at Government House.

Female sports stars, rising sports stars, sports administrators and media, health experts and influencers were among the group attending the “Women In Sport” reception.

The Governor, who supports women’s participation in sport and sports’ administration, told guests that Australian women were writ large in their successes on the world sporting stage.

“There has rarely been a better time to stage a celebration and, importantly, to continue the conversation about women in sports,” the Governor said.

The Governor told the guests that the conversation was broader than elite competition, as participation in sport improved the physical health, self-esteem and social skills of people of all ages.

“Promoting women in sport is obviously about more than just achieving equality on the footy, soccer or rugby field, on the track, or in the water,” the Governor said.

“It is important for our children to grow up seeing that women can be star athletes, that they can be coaches, that they can be leaders, and that they can be enthusiastic participants too.”

The Governor said women’s sport was now more visible, but women and men needed to keep working hard to ensure our daughters and grand-daughters had every opportunity in sport.

“If we fail to embrace 100 per cent of our talent pool, or fail to see 100 per cent participation amongst our youngsters, then our healthy nation, our flourishing economy, our fair society and our proud sporting culture will be diminished.”

The Victorian Government is getting on with breaking down the barriers for women in sport by committing $1 million to start implementing recommendations from a recent Inquiry into Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation.

The inquiry report was put together by an advisory panel of nine prominent state sport sector representatives appointed by the Victorian Government, chaired by Richmond Football Club President Peggy O’Neal.

The report involved consultations and workshops throughout the state with representatives from all levels of sport and recreation from coaches to administrators to assess the current state of female representation in the sport sector, especially in leadership roles.

The overwhelming finding is that women are under-represented in leadership roles in a sports sector that is still predominantly male-centric and dominated.

The report also highlights a growing movement of women and girls keen to showcase their talent and desire to contribute to the sport and active recreation sector, but the opportunities to participate and lead are either elusive or not readily evident.

Source: http://sport.vic.gov.au  

Victoria, Member Services Coordinator at Government House on Friday

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