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General Manager's Update

May 25, 2017, 10:53 AM AEST








General Manager’s Update

31 May

In the GM’s Update this month:

•    Cary Ann Moore – new appointment
•    State Teams for 2017 Australian Junior Volleyball Championships
•    State Volleyball Centre - Management Agreement
•    Board Update - National Stakeholder’s Meeting

Cary Ann Moore – new appointment

On behalf of the Board, I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Cary Ann Moore to the role of Development Coordinator.  Cary Ann comes to the role with a wealth of volleyball experience, both indoor and beach.  She will be well-known to many of the community from her time in State League with Melbourne Uni Renegades and playing and supporting the delivery of events with Vic Beach.

Cary Ann is excited to be starting in the role and to the scope and influence working at the State Association offers.  “The opportunity to work across both disciplines is very appealing and I look forward to getting stuck into it”, Cary Ann added.

State Teams for 2017 Australian Junior Volleyball Championships

Cary Ann will immediately be taking on responsibility for the very extensive State Team program.  The Victorian State Teams to compete the 2017 Australian Junior Volleyball Championships on the Gold Coast in September have been selected.  VVI will send 16 teams in two divisions across three age groups, including teams representing metropolitan and regional areas.

Congratulations to all selected athletes, we look forward to supporting your coaches and team personnel in continuing to provide a unique and successful experience.

State Volleyball Centre - Management Agreement

Volleyball Victoria Inc is currently in discussions with City of Greater Dandenong (Council) and Elite Stadium Management & Events (ESME) regarding changes to the current management agreement impacting our tenancy at State Volleyball Centre.

The existing Stadium management agreement was rolled over last month until 30 June while a new agreement is being developed.  Council has been quite clear on factors impacting the ongoing management and operations of the State Volleyball Centre, including financial constraints, such as Council rate capping limiting the available funds for Council investment across facilities, and accessibility, such as the current ratio of resident versus non-resident use vastly weighted to individuals from outside City of Greater Dandenong.

The process to enter a new management agreement has also triggered a review of the current conditions for VVI.  Tenancy for VVI is guaranteed for 10 more years but the terms are subject to review and we are working with Council and ESME to identify tangible impacts on the policy direction.

In real terms, VVI does anticipate changes to fee structures, priority access, and support for community and individual bookings, at this time we can’t confirm specifics as they aren’t available to us, but VVI will continue to advocate for our community and seek to provide relevant updates as they become known.

Board Update - National Stakeholder’s Meeting

Volleyball Australia (VA) hosted States in Sydney from 18-21 May for National Stakeholder Meetings.  Updates on key collaborative projects were provided and these included:

  • National database (Fortix customer relationship management system); five States have adopted the national database and are in varying stages of implementation. As previously advised, VVI is currently undertaking an assessment project to ascertain the suitability and impact on our business.  A recommendation for the Board is expected in the next quarter.
  • Online education; VA has relocated the Foundations coaching and refereeing courses from Moodle to the learning management system provided by Fortix.  Existing candidates will be communicated with by VA and their courses will be transitioned to the new platform.  This development will vastly improve the efficiency education and user engagement.
  • We are Volleyball national investment fund; VVI is anticipating a positive outcome from our submission for investment in regional association development and this should be confirmed in the coming days.  If successful, VVI should have funds from VA by 1 July, and with this commitment confirmed, work can commence immediately.

The other key outcome from the four days was the success of several Victorian nominees for national awards, our congratulations are extended to:

•    Shannon Winzer – National Coach of the Year
•    Damien Schumann – Most outstanding player senior beach (men) (with Chris McHugh)
•    Melbourne University – University of the Year  
•    Rebecca Ingram – Most outstanding player junior beach (women)
•    Louise Grice - Most outstanding player senior beach (women) (with Taliqua Clancy)

More information: Awards article or Facebook

Geoff Rietschel
General Manager

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