General Manager’s Update

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General Manager’s Update

October 05, 2017, 11:50 AM AEST








General Manager’s Update

30 September

•    Australian Junior Volleyball Championships
•    Update to Codes of Behaviour
•    Board update Strategic Plan

Australian Junior Volleyball Championships

The 2017 Australian Junior Volleyball Championships concluded on Saturday, 30 September, with Victoria enjoying modest success, claiming five silver and five bronze medals from the 16 teams entered.  Queensland was the standout securing 10 of 11 gold medals available from their entries with a consolation silver included; this is a remarkable achievement from the host State and sets a standard for all States to pursue.

Following an extensive review of the 2016 AJVC, changes are being introduced to State Team programs that will impact the performance of both disciplines and we look forward to working with our community to provide a valuable and valued experience to all participants.

We congratulate all athletes, coaches, and team personnel for their efforts and due reward and thank the countless individuals who made sacrifices in the lead up and throughout the event to ensure our Teams were able to concentrate on their primary objective to perform at their best and do the community proud.

Update to Codes of Behaviour

Volleyball Victoria has recently updated the existing codes of behaviour for players, coaches, officials, and guardians and introduced a generic ‘Child Safe’ code of behaviour in response to the Victorian Government’s new mandatory standards.

The updated and new codes seek to ensure volleyball is not only compliant, but proactive in seeking to provide a safe environment for all children who participate in the sport.  The codes are complemented by a Child Safe Policy and further risk management strategies.

The codes of behaviour can be found on the Volleyball Victoria website with other relevant corporate documents.  If you have any questions regarding the new codes or the implication for your club or association, don’t hesitate to contact Victoria Ellis, Member Services Coordinator at the Office, 03 9794 0009 or email

More Information: Volleyball Victoria Policies

Board update – Strategic Plan input

As commenced in the July edition, consultation continues on the development of the 2018-20 Strategic Plan.  Members, participants, and all stakeholders are invited to provide input over the coming months.
This month we focus on the Profile pillar.

PROFILE - Promote the sport effectively to create a high level of engagement both on and off the court

Objective: Foster strong relationships that will maximise opportunities for volleyball


•    Maximise communication with key stakeholders through an effective communications strategy
•    Strengthen partnerships with state and local government
•    Develop strategic partnerships with sporting associations for mutually beneficial outcomes

Objective: Promotion through partnerships and increasing the profile of VVI


•    Develop strategies to increase the value of the VVI brand
•    Increase awareness of the brands key attributes through a clearly defined marketing strategy
•    Strengthen relationships with champion Victorian volleyball players to support the promotion and awareness of volleyball

Objective: Ensure a consultative and innovative approach is used to strengthen relationships with stakeholders


•    Engage stakeholders more often to provide input
•    Strengthen relationships with all stakeholders through increased communication

How will VVI Measure Success?

Development and implementation of a customer service charter

Government funding/grants secured

Increased contribution to government reviews and strategies

Increased sponsors/partners for VVI

Click here to submit 2018-20 Strategic Plan feedback

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