Sharryn makes her debut on the sand with two wins

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Sharryn makes her debut on the sand with two wins

October 24, 2017, 04:40 PM AEST

Sharryn O’Brien has started her beach volleyball career in serious style on the Burnie coast at the 16th Australian Masters Games winning the first two matches of her first tournament on the sand.

The 51-year-old from Dingley Village in Victoria, who celebrated her birthday this week, is partnered with Denise Shingles and the pair are looking forward to a few more official games on the sand.

“We’ve played together for years and years,” O’Brien said.

“Played a lot of indoor together and in the last couple of years we’ve started playing beach, but this is actually my first tournament outside.

“So, it’s been pretty hard I’ve been struggling with the wind a bit yesterday, but we won both our games which is good.

Yeah two for two which was a surprise, we pulled it off at the end.”

O’Brien is competing at her first Australian Masters Games and has really enjoyed the camaraderie amongst all the competitors on and off the sand, enjoying the local restaurants after a day of competition.

“It’s been lovely, and all the people are super friendly,” she said.

“Everyone is very supportive, it’s been good, oh yeah absolutely I would recommend it.”

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