General Manager’s Update

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General Manager’s Update

October 31, 2017, 11:37 AM AEST

General Manager’s Update

31 October

•    State Facility Plan - consultant appointed
•    Child Safe Policy adopted
•    Board update - Strategic Plan input

State Facility Plan - consultant appointed

Volleyball Victoria is happy to advise that Otium Planning group has been awarded the tender to complete the State Facility Plan and provide strategic advice to the sport on the securement of facilities in an extremely competitive environment.

The project will include face to face consultation with affiliates providing “an assessment of the current provision of facilities across Victoria” and an “engagement process that is representative of the views of stakeholders”.

The Plan is due to for delivery in the first half of 2018 and some of the key outputs include:

•    Analysis and mapping of population growth throughout Victoria
•    Analysis and presentation of gaps of facility provision
•    Analysis and ranking of facility priorities
•    Linkages with Sport and Recreation Facility plans of Local Governments.
•    Mapping of facilities

Affiliates are already able to complete and online survey to indicate their current and likely future facility needs and Volleyball Victoria will shortly commence phone follow ups to ensure the accurate collation of the most recent information.

Click here for the Affiliate survey

Child Safe Policy adopted

The Board of Volleyball Victoria has recently adopted a new Child Safe policy consistent with the standards required by the State Government of Victoria.  The policy is supported by the recently updated the existing codes of behaviour for players, coaches, officials, and guardians and the generic ‘Child Safe’ code of behaviour.

This is an important area of attention for Volleyball Victoria and all affiliates.  Resources for affiliates can be accessed via the Volleyball Victoria website and include templates for a child safe policy and updated codes of behaviour.

If you have any questions regarding the new codes or the implication for your club or association, don’t hesitate to contact Victoria Ellis, Member Services Coordinator at the Office, 03 9794 0009 or email

More information:
Volleyball Victoria Policies

Resources for affiliates (Vicsport)

Board update – Strategic Plan input

As commenced in the July edition, consultation continues on the development of the 2018-20 Strategic Plan.  Members, participants, and all stakeholders are invited to provide input over the coming months.
This month we focus on the Sustainability pillar.

SUSTAINABILITY - Provide a stable and viable association through effective business practices and sound financial management

Objective: Provide leadership and governance


  • Enhance governance arrangements to increase board and management effectiveness and accountability
  • Ensure performance management, review and accountability for VVI personnel is in place
  • Review of all policies, risk management assessments and strategies is in place to protect the organisation and all its members
  • Assist all VVI affiliates in their governance needs
  • Ensure all processes and services delivery is undertaken in a transparent manner
  • Develop a customer service charter where both VVI and its stakeholders are held accountable for communication

Objective: Ensure sound financial management for VVI


  • Ensure sustainability of existing or new events
  • Investigate new commercial funding opportunities and developing long term partnerships
  • Maximising funding opportunities from government organisations
  • Implement sound business and marketing strategies

How will VVI Measure Success?

Bring all policies into line with current standards

Work with all clubs to ensure they are compliant with relevant laws

Operate at a profit each financial year

Investment in resources and programs

Ensure a return on investment

More information: 2018-20 Strategic Plan feedback

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