General Managerís Update

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General Managerís Update

March 05, 2018, 03:47 PM AEST









General Managerís Update

28 February

  • Board update Ė AGM & Inaugural Affiliate Awards

Board update

Annual General Meeting

The Volleyball Victoria Inc Annual General Meeting will be held 4:30pm Saturday, 21 April at the State Volleyball Centre @ Dandenong Stadium.  The usual business of the AGM will be conducted, including Board elections and presentation of the 2017 financial result, see ĎNotice of AGM 2018í.

Annually, three Board positions are subject to elections, and this year the terms of Elizabeth Tupper, Officer Director, Brendan Fleiter, Officer Director, and Luke Campbell, Ordinary Member, have concluded.  Each have indicated interest to renominate for a further two years.

Volleyball Victoria is subject to quotas that require female representation of at least 40% on the Board.  At this time, the Board has three female Members of the nine positions available, including two co-opted Members.  It is imperative that Volleyball Victoria take steps to achieve this quota prior to the deadline of July 2019.

Affiliates interested in discussing the composition and/or performance of the Board or for a Nomination form should contact Geoff Rietschel, General Manager, email or telephone the Office 03 9794 0009.

Proxy forms for eligible Associations unable to attend are available from Victoria Ellis, Member Services Coordinator, or telephone the Office.

Notice of AGM 2018

Inaugural Affiliate Awards

Following the AGM, the Board will host the inaugural Affiliate Awards in conjunction with a cocktail hour.  Affiliate Presidents will receive a formal invitation to attend the function as guests of Volleyball Victoria.

Affiliates are reminded to consider the individuals, initiatives, and associates that have achieved success in 2017.  Nominations will be accepted for the following categories:

I.    Most Outstanding Association
Awarded to the Association that is an engaged partner of Volleyball Victoria who achieves growth through the provision of quality experiences

II.    Most Outstanding Junior Program
Awarded to an affiliate that has contributed to the growth and development of junior volleyball in their community

III.    Excellence in Coaching
Awarded to the individual who has made an outstanding contribution by providing support, development, and growth of coaches and/or athletes within their Club, Association, or Victoria.

IV.    Volunteer Achievement Award
Awarded to an individual who provides outstanding services to volleyball in the areas of administration, officiating, and volunteering at Club, Association or State level.

V.    Most Outstanding School
Awarded to the school that is an engaged partner of Volleyball Victoria who supports growth in the sport and achieves a high standard of success on court

Annual Award nomination form

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