AVL - Uni Blues Announce Women's Team

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AVL - Uni Blues Announce Women's Team

September 03, 2018, 03:02 PM AEST








Uni Blues have announced their 2018 AVL Women's Team as follows:

  • Kelly Lean
  • Louise Bates
  • Alice Shaw
  • Alana Hassell
  • Rochelle Sison
  • Mikaylah Faltyn
  • Stephanie Topp
  • Eliza Smith
  • Alissa Kinkela
  • Mikayla Adam
  • Jamie Lee Morrow
  • Xi Xi

Train-on members:

  • Elly McInerny
  • Anna Donlan

Development Players:

  • Lauren Cox
  • Jesse Lawton

Uni Blues have asked all above listed athletes please attend Tuesday 4th Sept training at 7:30pm at Melb Uni Sports Hall where the upcoming season training schedule and training venues will be discussed and finalised

Those athletes that have not been selected for this year’s AVL team, if you have indicated that you would like to be part of future trainings, you will receive an invitation to trainings when the training schedule has been finalised.

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